Rock City - Nottingham

Saturday 11th October 2008

Rock City
8 Talbot Street
Tel: 0871 3100 000

Venue Review
Green Day has been one of my favorite bands for years, yet somehow I'd never managed to see them live. When I heard "The UK's Ultimate Green Day Tribute" was performing Nottingham's Rock City, I knew I had to go. Normally I can't stand Tribute Bands, but Green Day is one of the few bands I'll make an exception for.

When I got to the show, the "Teenie's" was taking pictures of everyone in line to put up on there Myspace Page's. I tried my best to look Emo to fit in with the Kid's in line but I ended up just looking like a constipated owl so walked hastly to my office intime to change my shoes before the Show began.

It wasn't long before Blink 226 took the stage (A retarded looking Blink 182 Tribute Act that manage to be even more whiney than Tom Delonge and the other one). I have never really been into Blink 182 so I wasn't too excited. They opened with "Piss Shit Mother Fucker (or something like that)," which is one of their songs I actually like, but before long they started playing all of their newer whiny emo stuff, with titles like "I Miss You" and "Down." They didn't really have much personality onstage and were pretty horendous musically especially the singer Jeeezzz,".

Before Green Date took the stage, a guy started shouting out something to do with "Bog Brush's" Oh well each to there own. He was obviously very drunk. I get the feeling somebody lost a bet. Anyway, the lights went down, the crowd went nuts and "Billie Joe" (Real Name Joe Mills) and the guys took the stage, jumping right into "American Idiot." From there they played a bunch of songs from American Idiot in almost sequential order, which got a huge response from the crowd, especially before "Holiday" when Joe screamed "This song is not anti-American. It's anti-war!" I must add being the Manager of Rock City I have seen very Big "Famous" Acts, and Green Date's Frontman is up there with the best of them!

As do Green Day, they brought up a guy from the audience to play the Guitar. Joe kissed the guitar player on the lips, and later he gave him a dirty Towel. Joe also stuck his hand down his own pants and started moaning at one point. I'd really like to know what the Emo Homo's in the audience thought of that.

Later they even played a cover of "Blitzkreig Bop" (the old Punk song from the Ramones"). They finally slowed it down by dedicating "Wake Me Up When September Ends" to everyone that attended the concert. After Joe performing a magnificant version of "Good Riddance" they left, and less than two minutes later they were back. They finished off the night with "Minority," An amazing concert by an amazing band.
Review By: Becky Solis - Rock City

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